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岩手県の美容室(花耶)と共同開発した顔分析アプリ「Design MAP」が,IBC岩手放送のニュースエコー,NHK盛岡放送局のおばんですいわてで紹介されました.

PhD and master places in computer vision and image processing 2016

Final year undergraduate and MSc students might be interested in our funded PhD and master places in computer vision and image processing. Please Send applications to office (at) for detail.

However, notice that there exist multiple reasons which can influence our consideration in addition to your personal ability. 1) The application time (2 times per year) in the Iwate university; 2) Each year’s funding of the laboratory. 3) Number of current members.

On the other hand, there is a strong possibility that before taking part in our MSc, you will be required to study in the lab as a research student for 6 months (improve your Japanese skill, determining your research theme, etc).

We appreciate your understanding.